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Saturday, December 10, 2005

Time travels.

Time really travels. Imaginative thoughts drift around. No time here. BUT, i've been acting strangely lately. You never know, you know. Yes. AND today, I've got to say that Dreams are important. They may help me. So, some of the dreams I can remember, may come here.



I was a student of a unknown school. It definitely had a big library, World-Class. Things zoomed quickly, it was 2010+. One day I found a weird-looking bottle of pills with a blue minus sign on it on one of the bookshelves. I decided to leave it alone. Later I stumbled upon a corridor which the janitor's 'cupboard' was supposed to be. What I found there was a hollow tunnel with two aisles down the side, and cylindrical pillars in the centre, rising from a bottomless hole.(It might not have been bottomless, but I didn't try) The two aisles met at a flight of stairs and there were two women there, and both I knew. (They were teachers at CHS) One I could remember, one I couldn't...One had tied up another. The free woman was explaining that she had a bottle of poison pills (with a red plus sign) and that she would poison everybody in the whole world. I was also captured, actually. She said that nothing can reverse this except for pills from a bottle with a minus sign on it in an supposed unknown location.

From there she released gas from one of the pills into a ballroom, killing everybody there silently. Then she planned in releasing a missile full of the poison. She set herself a time at a selected location (a skyscraper under her minion's control) and we stayed in the room. I got myself free. The school was empty by then and I sneaked into the library and took the bottle. I ran out and caught a helicopter. (Don't ask me how.) Time was 5 minutes left when I just spotted the building. I would have been late, but I parachuted down into a grassy hill in which I had to climb. I ate one of those pills and walked up to a smal cabin on the other side of the hill. She opened it. (You know who She is) She tried to stop me by using a poison gun but I was immune to it. She didn't expect it and I bashed her...umm. Then I went to stop the thing. Nothing after that, because it was 10 AM, too late for may normal time.

This is one of the dreams directly after 'O' Levels. The rest I have to remember first.

This may happen...I can create something like this. Watch for EE3. I can implement some nasty plans for your difficulty. So until then, have a nice dream.
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