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Thursday, December 29, 2005


I haven't done anything much, as shown in the previous posts...

Nothing much happens much anyways, except for meeting friends sometimes...And when I have nothing else to do then I turn to the blog...

Holidays. All I did was spend money I had gathered in the past year...they're still abundant and resourceful. Somehow I have turned this place into a depression 'exhaler' where I release all my sadness...

Oh well. Not all is going good. Because of the low amount of news, I have not much stories to post, except that I have decreased my pace in playing the Legend of the Green Dragon...(see left). I had some dream (that I can't remember much anymore) that Cloud (the most successful guy in the game currently) was an EViL badguy that wanted to ally with the dragon and kill us (or was it?) I think I twisted the storyline a little, but oh well. Imagination is good. Cloud doesn't look as bad as he was...except that now he gets to the rate of killing 2 dragons per day. And I can only do it once every five, so five days later when I get a dragon kill he gets 10. Oh well.

Imagination is good, but can be blocked while flowing through the mind...

AND when imagination comes true, it becomes a miracle...in good terms, and disasters...in bad terms. So stop imaginating bad and EViL things. You never know what would happen. You never know, you know.
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