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Saturday, December 17, 2005

I'm Very Off.

I'm doing nothing much...nothing really. I didn't even post here on my birthday...haha. Well, that's not important. Well, if you would believe, I spent over S$50 on pens yes pens and solely on pens over a span of only 3 days, the bulk coming from Kinokuniya. You know their stationery section there has the most range of commercial pens (and only pens). You could even find a Pilot Hi-Tec-05 YELLOW imported from Japan-so-it-costs-S$3.80-instead-of-the-normal-S$2.95. You may say wow or not I don't care actually. What made me say wow was that the pen actually came in 2 (or 3, actually) forms...the 0.5mm ball and the 0.4mm ball (and the 0.25mm ball but it's not significant here). The 0.4mm ball is from Singapore while the 0.5mm ball is imported from Japan. OK. So I picked up two pens of the same colour (light blue). The 0.4mm costs S$2.95 and the 0.5mm costs s$3.80. Who with a sane mind would buy the more expensive one? They would rather go home with the 0.4mm ball and widen it or something...oh well. I might buy one of those more expensive ones, of course if you pay for it, that is.

Enough of the pens and my money woes. Alright. I haven't been remembering Dreams lately, so well, I can't post them here. My neighbour LongSheng gave me a piece of Turquoise for my birthday. The problem is, it's oval, and the diameter of the longer portion is about...um...2cm. AND it costs S$(dunno if S$ or not) 12, claimed by him. I'm not blaming him, of course, but the 'stone' looks a bit plastic....oh well. I like it though, because of its colour. That's the colour of the stone anyway, turquoise.

Now, I'm off to his house for the normal...i see where the time has gone. Time can move, yes. I'll elaborate on this later. Erh...maybe not. The time may be spent more differently in future, but you(and I) never know, you know.
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