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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

What can I say.

Is it me now.

I feel so unpersonilistic, very electronic-based. Electronic as in, the computer. Now I'd spend most of the time with this thing here. I am feeling very what-you-don't-know-how-to-call-it that kind of feeling where you are lost in time. You've got nothing else to do. That's if my parents don't let me use this electronical thing, that is. BUT now I can, so it's a great relief. Great relief, also as the examinations are over. The only other thing that can make me spend my time a lot is the piano. BUT not having moved for a few months because of the examinations, my right arm ached after I had just played about an hour or two of badminton. Kind of bad. Must get back to exercise, otherwise I might get unhealthy even though my body doesn't show it. Sometimes I just think that it is the the examinations that ruin my life, not that things that I do instead of studying for examinations. Think about it. Yes, you should.

As for now the computer is my friend. AND your friend. They are everybody's friend, but some people think they are not worthy to be friends with *cough*Zhong Wei*ahem* and think they are too lousy*cough*. That's what you get in this kind of era. Sometimes you'd wish you had been born later, but that's no good. You never know, you know. The future might just have a concentration of more humans on a single plot of land, there might be discoveries into the outer space and you would find that there are really some hostile things that cannot be named there. You might get scared for everything like me and well, stay at home 24/7. That's how it is. Why, I think I haven't even stepped out of my house for like over 48 hours. BUT that's going to change. That's because next morning I'm going to go to school. I just don't want to know what's it for, because it depends on prelim results, and they are downright bad. Even though you're an optimist, it's bad. They can get worse though, but in terms of my opinion, it can't get any worse. It just shows how I'm taking advantage of my environment.

BUT that doesn't matter. What matters is the actual thing...which has to wait until next year. Until then...darkness will shroud this area once again and DiViNE EViL will still reign over these lands. BUT until then, you'll never know. You know, you'll never know.
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