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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

We're almost halfway through.

Yes that's it. Some subjects I can throw away this year now.

-Social Studies
-Half of E.Mathematics

So far, things have been going quite well. Just what I need. Not so of Music, with the unprepared listening came out as Schubert's Symphony No.9 in C Major D944 2nd Movement-Andante con moto. I knew I'd heard it before. The second one too. The one by Dvorák. Gaah...

AND so I've survived till here. We shall see next week, which all the difficult subjects shall ruch out at me like an inverted waterfall. AND then after that, it's all silver. Yes...I'll see stars...Glory and liberation...at last...from the desert of Cambridge that sucked up all my required needs (you know what are the required needs). Required needs are like that. You don't really depend on them, and too much is unhealthy, but a little here and there is okay. Very good, in fact. But some people don't understand it. Oh well.

I don't believe I feel so refreshed. So relaxed...so free and anti-EViL...that's the reason. Affirmative. We shall think about it...soon, all shall be released and everything will be free.

Free, at last. No, at first.
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