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Friday, September 23, 2005

Rotten Luck

This week suks.

It just does. AND next week is prelims 2 week. Dang.

I mean, who loses in cards with an ultimate hand?

Me, against my sister.

BUT now, things are not looking well. I try to study but not much progress made in A.Maths, Relative Velocity. It's plain confusing. It's not difficult. It's confusing. AND some mosquitoes just bit me. Arrrh. AND I saw Mervyn studying today. It's a miracle. AND a disaster for me.

I'm kind of 'gone'. I don't know what to do now. Sometimes I feel confident, but sometimes I feel worried. I am losing control of myself. I forget more things. I have a higher tendency to oversleep in a bus, and that's when I missed 3 sv852s zooming past my face on three consecutive days.

AND Heng's not around because his retina dropped. I'm serious. AND it's not funny.

So unless something goes miraculously right, I'm kinda doomed. I feel like nothing, but my mind feels the 'nothing' in me. I have strength. Inner strength. To explore.

Such is the power of EViL.
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