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Thursday, September 15, 2005

A Deck of Cards.

Konbanwa.(Good Evening in Japanese)

AND So studies has got over me.
Confidence is waning.
All thanks to club 9.(You'll understand later.)

Mosquitoes have also taken over. Fortunately not here...But according to LHB some china scholars did, and...well, ask him.

I feel very disillusionised. I don't know if that's the right word but I used it anyway.

Playing Cards is our only way of relieving stress. We take any chance to play. Well, that's reasonable. However, lately the games of 'Dai Di' have gotten monotonous, as not many people have Royal Flushes anyway(Or Royal Colour, they call it). We've added a twist. Every card now has a name of a teacher in the school. The biggest one is LHB of course. Now that they're marked on a old bad-conditioned deck of Tiger cards that we'll remember them, things may just be a bit different. Yeah, and club 9 turns out to be A.Long.

Honestly, she teaches too fast. Some people who wanted to re-learn all the things not taught in the rollercoaster ride of heart 3(VT)'s lessons would just have to do with the chain lift. One is way too weird, one is way too fast. AND we are way too behind on the syllabus. We need to study by ourselves. AND that is the way, when I finally made progress. For the first time since Sec3 term 2.

AND that's not the end. It continues. We increase our self-studying skills. Let us hope we shall succeed. You shall see. The power of DiViNE EViL.


Yes, for the deck of cards part. Today at about 16.13PM, I was proceeding homewards via the Primary School. In the open area near the Primary School Canteen, I saw LHB and a whole group of people. At first I thought they were visitors. Then...No. They were familiar. They consisted of all the CHS Teachers, Primary and Secondary. I think they were having a photo-taking session as the males were wearing ties. Anyways, I saw at least about 51 familiar faces, because diamond 2(Wilbur Wong, ex-Vice Principal) is not in CHS anymore. 51 familiar faces.
Each representing a value from 2 to 10, and J to K. From one suit. None same or equal to any other.

A Deck of Cards.
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