Sunday, August 28, 2005

POP 2005

2 days ago, 27 August 2005, POP 2005.
POP=Passing Out Parade, which means I'm no more in the band, I'm Alumni.
Four Years of Band is over...I don't know what to say. AND I couldn't use the computer until today, which is now 13:09 in Singapore, and I ain't at school because there's combined science and Biology Practical Prelims today, and I am involved with neither of them.
My section is too 'good'. Too quiet, I think. Others got dog bones *ahem* for instance. BUT I think, that the speech is what I've done well for my whole secondary experience. I think the band has really improved my confidence. I wasn't sure if I could say anything in front of about 70 students and 3 teachers. BUT I did. AND I told them what I wanted to. I felt relieved about myself after that. I was just plain relieved. I also learnt much from the other sec 4s, which I never knew all these 4 years. I guess I ain't socializing enough. Well, I've learnt. You shall see. The power of DiViNE EViL.
I just heard my sis had 210+ for prelims(PSLE). At this rate she may end up similar to my PSLE Schore(232) or even more.(probable)
I need to work harder. My physics has improved, i feel, as I have studied some of my weaker areas, mainly the Waves section. Now that I have physics, E and A Maths are next. Yes, A. Maths. If nobody's going to teach properly, I'll learn myself. You shall see. The power of DiViNE EViL!
AND if I get into a JC, prefably with music, as I am doing best for my music now, I will become a new person. Improved. However, I only have one chance. I'll have to take it anyway. I have the no-grudge character, calming tensions, trying to hold back anger as much as possible, at the same time trying not to explode. The most I'd exploded is with OLS and me sis.
That's what I like about myself. If I'm not happy, have a good sleep, and I'll be well tomorrow. Forget about the past. Unfortunately, this affects a little bit of studies too. Everyday I sleep, I seem to forget a bit of my information. AND unfortunately, this seems to affect A.Maths the most.
My studies will improve. You shall see. The power of DiViNE EViL.
Let it not fail now
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