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Friday, August 12, 2005


Today is a POD.(Piece of Shyt)
I think i suck.
But be happy, because I will not only be overcome by something I originally didn't aim for.
It's Chinese I'm talking about.
Today The results were out. I wasn't really that worried, as I sat in the hall and waited. I am so frustrated at myself. Now. But what can I do? All that's done is done.
E. Maths is a horrible thought. The Dark Times are up. A C5!? Danggit that'll earn me a place in nowhere in the world. Okay I'm exaggeraring...The first paper was OK, I graded it myself...but the second paper...54% is bad. Way bad. AND that's a simple paper, and ONLY 'Elementary' Mathematics. Means A. Maths...Don't think about it.
Thoughts of maths away, now to face Chinese, and this was non prelim. It's the real thing. I was hoping miracles would happen. But then, miracles never happened to me in studies anyway, except for English. So I expected my Chinese to get about C5, similar to my Mathematics.
There were only 3 failures. I was quite sure I wasn't one of them.
And I was right.
I didn't fare much better. A C6 Merit.
A C6 Merit.
In these three months, you won't see me much around. Anyways there's not many people to see this anyway. These three months, I'll spend them in my study. No miracles happen, so a 'reverse disaster' will. You shall see. The EViLness will overcome my soul, your soul, the writing materials, the examination papers( I hate the word SCRIPTS), the whole of Cambridge, then the whole of Europe, and then the planet Earth, the Sun, The Iurus Planet, the Planet of Zukeii. All will be conquered, and the one who emerges victorious from the Apocalypse will be the one who spared himself when he commanded it to happen. I shall be the only survivor. Prepare...to Proceed...and Receive.
Such is the power of the Dark Times.
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