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Thursday, July 14, 2005


Today...I fell ill.
I think it is flu or sumtin...sore throat with fever. so I didnt go to sch today. Actually the symptoms had appeared yesterday. I knew it, so I chose to fall ill today becoz tomorrow i have Chinese O level listnening comprehension.
Yeah, and by the way I found out that 'Good Evening' in Dutch is GoedeNavond, not GoedeDavond, or GoedeAvond.
Yesterday was some Student Leaders Investiture or sumtin like that. As expected, they screwed up a few parts. FCH counted 18.
Well, the first one was fairly obvious. The emcees said "let us stand up for the arrival of the Guest of Honour" and all of us stood up and clapped...at nothing.
They then said "that was to prepare you for the real thing" and so we all sat down. So when the Guest of Honour really arrived a number of people didnt even stand up.
The rest I can vaguely remember...the sec4 Student Leaders were replaced by the sec3 Student Leaders...and there was one particular one who was booed. I mean it. Well, he looked like that type, the type that looked like a ...er...tyrant.
Then there was some priest or sumtin to bless the Student Leaders or sumtin...when the emcees said, "Let us welcome Father (something)", the mic got cut off at the word 'father' at the first syllable, which sounded like...erm u know what I mean. Ouch.
The guy also spoke with a weird accent. Well, people started giggling at the start...I didn't find it particularly funny, but weird, because I sometimes talk like that. In fact, he reminded me of Zhang Jiao from the DW series, when he was saying like," May the God of the Heavvvensss bless your soouuulll!!" (I then felt like a yellow turban soldier). No offence intended.
Then it was the SCHOOL SONG. THE school song. This time, i knew what will happen. Everyone knows. It's just that this time there are erm...visitors from other schools listening to us, how we start it. Yes, the anticipation note. We all know too well.
In fact, after the horrible anticipation note, it went really well. We were singing unusually loudly. Well, that's a good point anyway.
And so I prepare myself for the challenges of tomorrow...Bbllleessss Mmeeee!
Again, no offence intended.
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