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Now that the North Darkceil Tower has been eliminated, all the citizens of Iurus thought their troubles were over. However, Another Darkceil tower has risen over the south, and who knows when they will stop. Nobody knows why the Darkceils have started spawning in their island. To protect the island, the heroes of Iurus have set off again, travelling from one corner of the island to the other. Their task have never been boring for them, as the explorers always discover new secrets.
Unfortunately, something has hindered their progress. A man dressed in black with a black cape, seen coming from his own black spaceship, wants to take over the island. Somehow he must be planning how to make use of the Darkceils from the tower to conquer the island, but to do this he must not let the tower fall. So he tries to get rid of the explorers as quickly as he can. This guy is none other than Zukeii from TM series 1. To make matters worse, he owns the ultimate EViL Scythe, making him dangerous when fighting him. He, however, has not much of brains, but his experience and power has rewarded him by destroying another planet totally and claiming it to be his.
And it doesn't end there. Zukeii's quest is also to take over the universe, and he targets the next planet other than the planet Iurus is in. This is a strange planet, divided into two halves of teams also wanting to take over the planet. By observation, it is clear these two teams are hiding some secret weapon, but they do not plan to use it until it is the right time. They also speak a different language, that even Zukeii cannot understand.
Nobody still knows the true power of the Darkceils, but from the North Darkceil Tower it has been quite clear. If the explorers do not hurry up quick enough, who knows what will happen to the universe.
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