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Monday, July 11, 2005

Chinese O Level Oral

I know it was last thursday but well how i THINK i had done well for my Chinese Os was a medium story.
Timetable: History, Chinese, English, English, Recess, Physics, Mathematics
Had to skip Mathematics becoz of the Oral Exam. Haha.*Evil Cackle*
History is normal, then Chinese. 'Bobby' (ask WeiLie) tok about the Oral thingy for half the lesson then say everyone will have a last test on oral.
Three parts to oral: passage, bao zhang bao dao, ri chang hui hua
Well i suked at Chinese in my whole secondary education passed it once(with help of moderation). Statistics show:
Sec1Term1 36 Sec2Term1 36 Sec3Term1 36
And guess how much i got for Sec4 Term1.(BTW the marks are /100 not /50)
Spoil my nice record :(
Anyways, O Level is no joke, and I hate it, so must study hard. Includes Oral for me, as my Chinese toking kinda suk too. Just started to communicate a bit more Mandarin with OLS. That may have helped.
Anyways, O Level is no joke, and I hate it, so must study hard, and that includes Oral, so Bobby must help me. And becoz the front few had their exam on Wednesday, I'm the third of the day(index 11) and so We set up chair table go outside class corridor sit there look look read read dunno word dunno word tok tok ask ask and then the first guy finish so finish. The next guy tok lousy also but not as bad as me, so he got held up for quite a period of time. By then bell had rung. English(double English) now, and we think it's quite sian. So i expect to come late for English for about 20 mins, as Bobby now made us go to Special room at 3F next to Library. Me and next guy sat there while the guy who was in front of me had to read again. So we waited.
AND Waited.
AND then a group of dunno wad people who look like ppl from china with green bags walked past the Special Room. The Special Room is an empty room, for special functions(like preparing for Chinese Oral) and there were only several tables and chairs. The group, a VERY big group, they walked by the room, chattering. Some ppl even poked their heads in see wad was happening in the room which they had no idea of. Of course they didnt expect it was preparation for Chinese oral, looked as if we were being counselled by Bobby. What's more, the room was so dull, we felt like captives in a cell, or animals in a cage. That was reinforced with the people all trying to see whats happening in the room. Finally they passed, and until now I dunno wadderhell they were doing in our sch and who they were.
Now the guy had finished. It was my turn and i went there and read to Bobby the chinese passage. I read very softly he said so he taught me to lean towards the examiner if i felt too soft. OK, that was done, and we moved on to the next section where he asked sum weirdo question i duuno how to answer. So he ask me go read the question and gave me a sample answer to go and study. Meanwhile, the next guy was called up.
The people who had finished were supposed to return to class and call the next guy down. And so he called down the next guy, who was called up to Bobby before I was. I wondered what he wanted me to do; read more?
AND then the weakest Chinese guy came down. I mean, he's just weak in Chinese written. His Oral skills are quite OK. Bobby asked me to bring another chair and 'supervise' the guy talking. So I listened. Everyone was OK. I listened to their answers. I listened intently. One by one, all the people from my class(who took express Chinese) were called down and I listened how they spoke. By then it was the end of the two English lessons(Yay!).
It was recess. I took a short break and ate some snacks. I went back up and saw the last guy finish. Bobby summoned me. He asked me to read the passage. So I did. He asked me to read louder. So I did. He asked me the questions. I compiled the best answers from what I had heard in the past 130 minutes and threw it all back to him. AND he said I was good, and keep it up like that in the real exam. I had a morale boost. However, I could not sit 130 minutes in the examination hall listening to every other candidate blabber their answers, and I wouldnt wanted to anyway.
That afternoon. We skipped Maths becoz we were supposed to. After lunch we went to the hall and it was still locked. Several more minutes...and then a whole bunch of sec1s came by and disturbed our 'praying'. They were supposed to go to the Primary school hall. Oh well.
AND then Johsua(yes, Johsua, not Joshua, coz Bobby pronounces it that way) came. For the who two weeks his soul as not even 5km from the school and today he miraculously appeared. It's actually not his fault, but many people from our class still dun like him anyways. He also had miraculous hair.(As in, miraculously long and messy) We were like shouting "WOW YOU CAME" at him (not me not me)
And then the doors(or gates) opened. The HOD of chinese who is shorter than me(us) gave us a 'long briefing' or 'brief longing'. While she was giving the long briefing sum people were like biting uncontrollably. The people were divided into 3 groups. I was 3rd. Our examiners, two of them, both female, but one was 'fat' and one was 'skinny'. Or, in a more crude form, 'Cushiony' and 'Twiggy'.(hope they dont see this)
The first guy from our group went up and read the passage silently before going to the examiners and starting the examination. We were supposed to read the passage for about five minutes and then stop. Then we were supposed to go to the two examiners, greet them and start.
BUT then, the-lousiest-guy-in-written-chinese said he had a sore throat, which was partly true, because he didn't come to school the day before. They allowed him to go first, and so I was pushed back to 4th. Anyway the first 5 cannot leave the hall until 3PM for some 'security measures'.
AND so they went up one by one, read one by one, spoke one by one, and left one by one. AND when it was my turn, I picked up the paper(in a plastic folder) and I began reading silently to myself. It was quite simple at the start, but the end...contained a few more difficult words.
AND so 5 minutes were up. I sat on a chair, looking at the guy in front of me speaking to the two examiners. He was taking an awfully long time. It seemed forever, as I didn't want him to leave, but at the same time I felt I should get along with it.
AND so he picked up his bag, and left through the left door of the hall. I picked up my bag and I walked gingerly when they summoned me, and greeted the examiners. I forgot to show them my IC. The skinny one requested for it. So I took it out and put it there. She checked it and gave it back to me,but I placed it onto the table. I started reading on cue.
I read the first few paragraphs smoothly. Ahahaha I thought. Then I came to a part where I knew the words but at that instant i forgot how they were pronounced. I stuttered. AND when I reached the part with (shang da man) some minister's name, I think I pronounced it right. I THINK.
They asked me the next question(actually the skinny one only). Fortunately I UNDERSTOOD the question and answered them. Bobby had said not to stop, so I tried my best not to. AND somehow, I didn't
We moved to the last question. Again, the skinny one asked the question. For this whole while the other one was fairly quiet, looking as if she was recording the marks. I had no time to glimpse what she was writing, and anyways she had some other paper to cover it. AND again, i understood the question and I told them one point. However, I quite stalled (but not really) and so I went and 'beat around the bush' , 'tok crabs', and 'display the art of bullsh*tting'. I also felt I was going softer so I leaned towards them. AND finally when I started on a new point, the plumper one started to 'coax' me to finish the point, but hearing her egging me on, I was quite startled and I got stuck. Not cool at all. I ended by reannouncing the first point again.
AND I was free.
I went to the door(with my bag and phone), opened it, breathed in, breathed out, turned around, and tried to close the wrong side of the door(since it was a sliding door). As a result, a there was a BANG and well, I hoped the examiners forgot who I was. I closed the other door and ran out, only to be stopped because the time was 2.55PM.
Well at least there were others there too, and a teacher to let us go at 3PM, and miraculously the-lousiest-guy-in-written-chinese had no more sore throat and was babbling about the passage. Apparently, he didnt know what was 'Shang Da Man' and read it as 'Cheng Qin Cheng' (sounds like CQZ.) well, the guy in front of me read it as 'Zhang Zhong Kun' who was a Higher Chinese student from our level. He said, it just came to his mind. Yah right.
It was 3PM and the teacher released us. (BTW the teacher is the Chinese HOD) She told the few of us how we should have tackled the few questions. Well, I didn't stop. My best Oral test ever, cos i didn't stall. AND I hope I can get like higher than a 'just pass'.
Well, as this is over, we shall hope I will have a successful English Oral on 11 August(or sumwhere there). Meanwhile, there's Prelims...
That'll be later.
For now, Good Night.
Proceed and Retrieve. -JLam
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